Community c

what is community c?

Community C is a creative cooperative designed by Collab.  We developed the community C to create a network of individuals who may not need full access to the space and resources at Collab, but would like to be part of the growing network of resources and skills.


Collabs 14,000 square foot fabrication Lab & Innovation Studio is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to invent, develop, brand, or build a new product, service or company.  If you are a freelancer, inventor, startup or someone that wants to manage a career that embodies lifelong learning and inspiration, joining our community is an investment that pays for itself immediately. 


Here's how it works:


Please fill out this form with some basic details about yourself and the work you do.  We will review your form and schedule a time to meet and talk to you.  Community C is a curated cooperative.  The reason we take the time to understand if the cooperative is right for you, is because there are fees associated with joining.  The reason there are fees is because we limit the amount of memberships in order to ensure that everyone is able to extract the value of being part of the cooperative. This creates the conditions for everyone to thrive. Community C is built as a trusted network.  We take time to consider how each individual will benefit by becoming part of the cooperative and at the same time we want to understand the value of the talent and skills you bring to the network.  Community C is a powerful force of good people, and good work.