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Designed by Ari Melenciano

Since 2010, Collab has enjoyed working with graduate students from NYU’s ITP Program. ITP and Collab share a unique culture of innovation and creativity, a build-it-first and continually improve-upon-it-later spirit. At Collab, we’ve enjoyed years of witnessing the metamorphosis of talent into successful professional creators the ITP program manifests, and the continued support the program provides its students post-graduation. Tom Igoe who leads physical computing courses and was the co-founder of Arduino has been specifically instrumental is community building between our groups. From our inception, Tom understood the vision and significance of what we were building. Tom generously shared details about Collab to the network at ITP and placed the first interns at Collab from the students at ITP. Those interns later became members and, now, years later, are alumni and mentors to new members. To this day, many of the current members at Collab are graduates from ITP.

We look forward to expanding our relationship with ITP now that we have a new 14,000 sq. ft. space which allows us to host events, build large installations, and bring all the elements of interactive experiences together in-house.

It was no surprise that the group of residents who showcased their projects embodied unique skills, talents, and creativity.

The multitude of projects transformed the ways visitors interacted in their environment.

I love the creative freedom and expression that abounds from the students from ITP. From live experiential coding to unique physical explorations interfacing with sound, light, and motion, there is a never-ending exploratory aesthetic the program unlocks in its students.

The show features artwork and creative projects by:

Dominic Barrett, Regina Cantu, Hayeon Hwang, Koji Kanao, Wenqi Li, Ari Melenciano, Sebastian Morales, Rushali Paratey, Michael Simpson, Jasmine Soltani, Yeseul Song, Sejo VC, Mithru Vigneshwara

2019 ITP Residents

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