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Collab has been created to provide space, technology, and manufacturing equipment for Artists, Architects, Fabricators, Engineers, Painters, Graphic Designers, Entrepreneurs, Environmental Earth Scientists, Musicians, Photographers, and others from a diversity of interdisciplinary pursuits to work on their ideas while collectively developing socially and environmentally conscious prototypes and solutions for this new era.

Collab is a combination think tank and fabrication laboratory, providing members with the tools to work on their ideas, and an open source platform, if they choose, for expanding and exchanging those ideas with other members and the populace. Not a traditional co-working space, the belief is that by juxtaposing, for example, the work of a neuroscientist with an architect in an environment of tools, machinery, and technology, a heightened and expansive creativity will be stimulated. In creating this network and encouraging an exploratory aesthetic, the possibilities for innovation that may sustain our ecosystem, economy, and imagination become almost limitless.


Collab exists as an Arts and Science collaborative, providing members a 5,500 square foot architecturally designed space, built from reclaimed and sustainable materials, to work independently and collectively on a variety of artistic, scientific and socially conscious pursuits. Members share the space, its tools, machinery and equipment.

Collab is accepting applications for membership from individuals and organizations from interdisciplinary pursuits. Individuals are provided a permanent desk. Organizations, private studios. Members contribute each month to pay for the operating expenses of the collaborative. Members are encouraged to invite clients to the space, grow their endeavors and thrive. Members have the ability to reserve the space for events, large classes and special functions. The lab and its equipment, supplies, common area and studio spaces are accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


In addition to the 5,500 square foot space, Members share a fully equipped wood shop, industrial and manufacturing equipment, a Laser Cutter, 3D Printer, 60 Inch Wide Format printer, a sewing studio with industrial sewing machines, conference room, kitchen, large center workspace with work and lunch tables, fax machines, printers, Internet and more. The founders of Collab orchestrate and animate the space with its own programming and initiatives in support of its members and the more than 3000 annual visitors.







Flux Pavillion

Makr Shakr