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About Us

Collab is a Fabrication Lab and Innovation Studio in New York City that provides space and shared resources to artists and scientists.  We are a curated community of Inventors, Architects, Roboticists, Painters, Founders, Creative Technologists, Futurists, Professional Makers, Doers & others. We work individually on our own projects, and then collectively as a force for innovation on larger endeavors, bringing our imaginations to life.

In 2009, we created our first location, a 5,000 sf. ft space in Soho filled with tools, rapid prototyping, and advanced manufacturing equipment.  For 9 years in that location, we brought our diverse set of skills to work each day, using the tools in our shop to design, prototype, build installations, and execute small batch manufacturing runs.  

We know the future relies on advanced innovative ecosystems to drive positive change for ourselves and the world.


That's why we expanded our reach and facilities to Brooklyn into a 14,000 sq. ft ex-foundry with 22 ft ceilings, a 3,200 sq. ft. mezzanine, and the infrastructure, equipment and amps to build nearly anything.


Currently there are no memberships available.  If you would like to be contacted when membership opens up, you can sign up here.


Design, Protoype, Build

Make a model in the 

Design, Protoype, Build

Create in our Studio 

Digital fabrication lab

Build your Protoype

Connect with creative entreprenuers

Collab + Futureworks Shops

NYC Innovation Ecosystem

Design, Protoype, Build

Private Studios

Develop ideas together

Community of Practice

Design, Protoype, Build

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