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Collab is a Fabrication Lab and Innovation Studio in New York City that provides space and shared resources to creative entrepreneurs.  We are a curated community of Inventors, Entrepreneurs, Architects, Roboticists, Founders, Creative Technologists, Futurists, Professional Makers, Doers & others. We work individually on our own projects, and then collectively as a force for innovation on larger endeavors, bringing our imaginations to life.

In 2009, we created our first location, a 5,000 sf. ft space in Soho filled with tools, rapid prototyping, and advanced manufacturing equipment.  For 9 years in that location, we brought our diverse set of skills to work each day, using the tools in our shop to design, prototype, build installations, and execute small batch manufacturing runs.  

We know the future relies on advanced innovative ecosystems to drive positive change for ourselves and the world.


That's why we expanded our reach and facilities to Brooklyn into a 14,000 sq. ft ex-foundry with 22 ft ceilings, a 3,200 sq. ft. mezzanine, and the infrastructure, equipment and amps to build nearly anything.


We now have the space to bring more people into the fold.  If you are someone who believes good work is enhanced by an engaged community sharing ideas, knowledge, resources, and imagination in the hopes of making it easier for all of us, we would love to meet you.


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Collab is an interdisciplinary community of professional makers.  We love to share.  If you are a non-profit that may benefit from having access to our space and braintrust,  please

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